50 ae vs 9mm

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The .50 AE launching those 300+ gr slugs produces a lot more torque than the .44 Mag, and an impressive fireball to boot. The recoil isn't painful, at least to me, but it does let you know you just touched something off. It's actually a lot of fun. Watching those big bullets hit tie plates and blocks of wood is just cool.

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Finally the latest but hopefully not the last .440 Cor-Bon (Cor-Bon round, necked down .50 AE, for more info about this round read in .50 AE vs. .440 Cor-Bon) was produced in 1998. P.S. Special thanks goes to Andrey Nazarow for the information & help. If you read Russian you'll find very interesting his FAQ Server RU.Weapon.

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Of the two the American Eagle was significantly worse, stovepiping every other round. I only shot fifteen rounds of the AE. The BB stovepiped about four or five times in 50 rounds. I wanted to shoot some MagTech too, but the range was completely out of 9mm. 50 Ae Ammo Vs 9mm And 9mm Acp Ammo Walmart is best in online store. I will call in short term as 50 Ae Ammo Vs 9mm And 9mm Acp Ammo Walmart For individuals who