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Simply plug into your SBUS receiver port and your control servo and it will decode the SBUS signal to CPPM. A full instruction manual is included with the decoder for easy use.

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Add your favorite image, GIF, and text to your buttons. Make each boards unique! Android. Limited version. Max 12 buttons per board.The original FTS-8 Tone Squelch Module, with which the CTCSS functions can be retrofitted, is no longer available from the manufacturer. In most cases it is sufficient to retrofit only the CTCSS encoder function, because this makes it possible to work with CTCSS via a modern repeater radio station. The EL-7 is a CTCSS en-

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Decoding CTCSS first with connection from discriminator to computer through soundcard and I designed this decoder/encoder board to either do CTCSS only with one chip or full duplex...A CTCSS decoder is based on a very narrow bandpass filter which passes the desired CTCSS tone. The filter's output is amplified and rectified, creating a DC voltage whenever the desired tone is present. The DC voltage is used to turn on, enable or unmute the receiver's speaker audio stages.

ARDUINO CTCSS decoder. This works perfectly when there is a clean RF signal, but in case of absence of signal (noise from discriminator), generates continuously (every 2 or 3 seconds) random reads ...