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‪Diffusion‬ simple diffusion. 4. The movement of water across a selectively permeable membrane is called osmosis. facilitated diffusion. active transport. filtration. 5. Which of the following is necessary for diffusion to occur? a concentration gradient. a selectively permeable membrane. a hypertonic solution. cellular energy. 6.

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Correct answers: 3 question: Lab: Diffusion Across a Semi-permeable Membrane Assignment: Lab Report ActiveInstructions Click the links to open the resources below. These resources will help you complete the assignment. Once you have created your file(s) and are ready to upload your assignment, click the Add Files button below and select each file from your desktop or network folder. Upload ... Access Free Diffusion Through A Membrane State Lab Answer KeyDIFFUSION THROUGH THE MEMBRANE QUESTIONS – PG 2 #9 – Based on your knowledge of diffusion, predict what will happen to the substances inside and outside of the ‘cell’. Record your prediction. A: I predict that the glucose will move out of the ‘cell’ and may

Lab 4 Microscope Usage, Cell Structure, Diffusion and Osmosis Complete your answers in the spaces provided. USE YOUR OWN WORDS – Yes even for definitions! Remember to add your last name and first initial to the file name prior to saving and submitting your completed assignment through Canvas.