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x509: certificate signed by unknown authority. 调查后发现,是公司IT把https证书换成了公司的证书(目的大家自己猜)。 解决思路:把替换后的证书直接用openssl拉下来,然后加入到系统(我是Ubuntu)系统证书中,然后使用update-ca-certificates更新,最后重启docker服务,成功!

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Generate a signed certificate for the CSR The is the part where you buy a certificate from a Certificate Authority (like DigiPlex, RapidSSL or Verisign). Most often they let you decide on a suitable certificate.

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Docker pull rate limit. Storage Node Operators. docker. 4: 35: January 1, 2021 ... X509: certificate signed by unknown authority for ...

$ curl -sSL | sh After Docker is installed, you'll need to add the pi user to the docker group: $ sudo usermod -aG docker pi and then reboot the Pi: $ sudo reboot After the Pi reboots, log into it again (either locally or via SSH) and pull the Rhasspy Docker image: $ docker pull rhasspy/rhasspy Jan 10, 2020 · Error: Get https://registry.<our_private_domain>/v2/: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority I have that certificate trusted in the keychain on my local development machine. And I have restarted Docker. But, as the build is actually using the balenaEngine on the build farm Pi, I am assuming that the deploy is actually happening there ...