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Why do some people dislike John Proctor? What does Proctor’s response to Mary Warren tell you about a servant’s life? What appears to be the history between Proctor and Abigail? Whom did Abigail once work for? How does John feel about his affair? How does Abigail feel? How does Mrs. Putnam interpret Betty’s response to the psalm?

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Dec 07, 2011 · The metaphor that is being used is when John Proctor adds a pinch of salt to make the soup taste different, and not so plain. He does this to change it. It is similar to what he did with his marriage to Elizabeth. He wasn't satisfied with her, so he had an affair with Abigail. Hale understands what I mean by trying to help the people get rid of their sentence. I know now what I did was wrong to do so but Danforth should know not to do this and to hear out the people. I cheated on my wife and I feel very remorseful for doing such a thing. Abigail was a thing of the past and was just lusted visions.

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What things does Proctor reveal about Abigail that gives Danforth pause? That Abigail was taken out of church two times that year for laughter during prayer: What does Danforth think Mary Warren’s appearance in the court might be? Mary’s appearance in court may be that Satan’s trying to overthrow the court.

Nov 10, 2019 · In general, though, Abigail is talking about what she and Proctor had together throughout the scene. During the whole conversation, Proctor consistently tells her that what they had is over. So I...