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A SQL query will be routed to read_sql_query, while a database table name will be routed to read_sql_table. Note that the delegated function might have more specific notes about their functionality not listed here. Parameters sql str or SQLAlchemy Selectable (select or text object) SQL query to be executed or a table name.

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Given the file result, my guess would be that despite the extension, this is not compressed, but is directly the SQL file. Have you tried opening it with an editor or maybe just outputting the first few lines (head file_v1.2.sql.gz) or characters if the lines are very long (head -c 100 file_v1.2.sql.gz)? – user2313067 Aug 6 '17 at 21:02

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Apr 13, 2016 · If you are installing from media, you can typically copy the files from the media to the temporary directory. Extract the package by issuing tar xvf packagename. Following is an example for the sql-ext-version.tar.gz file: tar xvf sql-ext-version.tar.gz. The command extracts two files: libnetcrypto-version.tar.gz and libnetxml-version.tar.gz. The file needs to be named ManicTimeServerSettings.json. If you already have this file, then you need to merge the two files (take a look at the previous section and sample file /Docs/ManicTimeServerSettings.Sample.json) 5.6. The database is now empty, so again go to step 2. and 3. (create admin user and then start the server) 6.

Mar 07, 2019 · Postman to run SQL Queries: ... Move the apache-drill-<version>.tar.gz file to a directory where you want to install Drill. Unzip the TAR.GZ file; Start Drill on Windows: Let me know if you liked the post. It helps me create relevant content.