Long range uhf rfid reader raspberry pi

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UHF RFID Module. Reading with High Rate and Long Range. Chainway C72 is an Android rugged RFID reader that boasts best-in-class UHF RFID capability. Built with embedded Impinj R2000 chip, it enables more than 15m of read distance outdoors.

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This board allows you to easily get started with the M6E Nano UHF RFID Reader that leats you red up to 150 tags per second at a range of up half a meter with the onboard antenna or up to 4.9m with a high gain antenna INTEGRATIVE UHF RFID card reader 5M long range, 8dbi Antenna RS232/RS485/Wiegand - $327.92. FOR SALE! UHF RFID card reader 5 Meters long range long distance, RS232/RS485/Wiegand 26bit 181562551079

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UHF RFID MODULE-RS485, this RFID tag reader is a remote read-write module of IC card using non-contact UHF technology. It can be widely used in vehicle monitoring, remote control, home alarm system, wireless meter reading, access control system, industrial data acquisition system, the wireless tag, identification, non-

Innovateking-EU RFID IC Karte RC522 Reader Write Module RFID Starter Kit 13,56 MHz 3,3 V mit weißer S50 Karte und Schlüsselring für Arduino Raspberry Pi UNO R3 MEGA 2560 Unterstützte Kartentypen: mifare1 S50 / mifare1 S70 / mifare UltraLight / mifare Pro / mifare Desfir. MFRC-522 RC522 Card Read Antenna RFID Reader IC Card Proximity Module key Chain For Arduino - SR049 ... Long Shaft Micro DC motor 1.5-6V 3.7V 18000rpm DIY Model ...