What is zero point calibration

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Calibration is done by giving a base point (ZERO) and establishing what is the full capacity (SPAN) weight. Since SPAN is normally the balance's maximum capacity, the balance now has two precise extreme points: zero and full scale.

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What is multiple point calibration? - for methods that are non-linear - require multiple calibrators to create reliable calibration curve - most methods use this today - more time consuming and labor intensive - advantage: non-linearity can be detected and avoided or compensated for, and random...

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The calibration for the differential pressure transducer mainly includes range adjustment and zero migration. To ensure the normal operation of the differential pressure transducer and the accuracy of differential pressure and flow measurement, users need to periodically check and calibrate it. The only criterion for initial calibration in SW-846 method 8000A1 reads, "If %RSD is less than 20 an average calibration factor can be used otherwise data should be fitted to a curve." There are many examples of well defined and reproducible calibrations which either due to nonlinearity, or a non-zero intersection of the axis will not

May 18, 2015 · A Two Point Calibration is a little more complex. But it can be applied to either raw or scaled sensor outputs. A Two Point calibration essentially re-scales the output and is capable of correcting both slope and offset errors. The asci file "zero.list" would include a list, one image per line, of the input files. If the directory only contained one set of zero frames (7-11 images for one night) you could replace @zero.list with *.fits or zero*.fits and zerocombine would find the correct images.